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OpenText Content Server Web Builder

OpenText Content Server Web Builder

I developed Content Server Web Builder nearly one and half year ago. Some of the experts like to see this in action, so I have hosted this project on GitHub. You can download this module and install it on your dev environment, if interested.

Previous Post: https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/2433116-5873855848870076416 (Login required)

GitHub Project location: https://github.com/kishorejangid/WebBuilder

Project Info: Web Builder is a Content Server module to view the OScript code in Web Browser (Only latest browsers are supported.). It supports both Content Server 10 and Content Server 10.5.

The Save Oscript feature is still experimental and will work only if Content Server is running on Builder.


If Builder is running, you can Unlock the OSpace from the action menu or see the oject properties. Action menu can be opened by right clicking on the OSpace.


Some of the features are still in progress, I may work on this whenever I get some free time.

Please let me know you valuable feedback.

About Kishore Jangid

Kishore Jangid is the author of most of the post at dignaj.com. He write mostly on the topic of .Net Framework languages, OpenText Content Server.

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  1. Mahesh Natarajan

    Good Kishore, Will be great, if we can get such Web based IDE form OpenText. Will try on our instance of Content Server.